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Peaches is alive

About 2 a m Tues morning 12/11/18 My basset-hound/Dalmation female named Peaches presented
with neurological symptoms here at home. It was very frightening. She seemed confused and disoriented and she had nystagmus and was turning her head from side to side and smelling the
floor her gait was very unsteady and she fell at times. She also panted heavily. She obviously did not know what was happening to her She refused food and water and she usually loves her water.

I wanted Dr. Belinda Eckhoff and Dr. Jerome Williams to assess her so I slept next to her
and took her into the clinic that morning. I did receive emergency phone numbers when I phoned in the night from the clinic but I wanted her vets to see her and not a stranger.

Peaches usually will not even get into the car and will not voluntarily get out art the vet’s
but she had to be carried, of course, and offered no resistance. I told her they would help
her at Red Mtn and she appeared to understand.

With multiple medical interventions performed by both Dr. Be and Dr. Williams both on Tues.
and Wed., I was allowed to bring her home.

She started drinking water immediately even tho Dr. Williams had hydrated her adequately.
I am getting her meds into her bid at this time. She will go outside to urinate but cannot
get off the sidewalk here at our condo and has to urinate in the breezeway which is easily
cleaned up.

Dr. Be and Dr. Williams saved My Beloved Peaches’ life and I am choked up just writing this.
Peaches will be l4 yrs of age 1/15/2019. Whether Peaches had a CVA (stroke) or Vestibular
Disease, she is being treated properly and is very slowly improving.

Several yrs ago Peaches had a broken back (ruptured vertebrae) and was paralyzed’
completely immobile and loved the go-cart/wheelchair she required for months. Of course, she
was in doggie diapers during this time because of incontinence. Lo and Behold–Peaches
began gaining control of her bladder and bowels and eventually ambulated without her go-cart.

today, Lindsey, the very capable receptionist phoned to check on her & was given the report
that Peaches is slowly improving. Cont’d decreased appetite and times of confusion and
walking with her head tilted and unsteady gait but PEACHES IS ALIVE AND IS A ‘TOUGH COOKIE’
Even with Peaches’ determination and courage, she would not be alive today if it were not for
the proper medical interventions by Dr. Be and Dr. Williams at Red Mountain Animal Clinic.
The excellent staff at Red Mtn deserve much gratitude from me, also.

GRATEFUL TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND FOR EVERYONE AT RED MTN ANIMAL CLINIC and to my Peaches for being so brave and being a fighter.

Carolyn Shaw

Carolyn Clowdus Shaw
December 15, 2018

The entire

The entire faculty at Red Mountain Animal Clinic are all very supportive and helpful, including both caring veterinarians. They offer the best treatment and ensure understandable diagnoses for all of your animals. All of my experiences with RMAC have been nothing but positive. Excellent service. 🙂

Iyuana Morris
July 12, 2017